Richard III State Funeral A Possibility Say Historians

Richard III State Funeral A Possibility Say Historians

State Funeral Proposed for Medieval King

Archeologists From the University of Leicester hope to confirm the remains found under a car park in the English city of Leicester as those of King Richard III of England.

If confirmed the Conservative MP and historian Chris Skidmore has called in the House of Commons for a state funeral to be provided for the late King’s remains, reports The Independent.

The last English King to be killed on the battlefield, Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Richard’s body was taken away and buried in secret; the finding of a medieval monastery led to the discovery of the bones matching the written descriptions of the monarch.

A social reformer during his lifetime the reputation of Richard III was negatively affected after the War of the Roses by the victorious Tudor family and their supporters, including William Shakespeare.

English monarchs are commonly awarded a state funeral after their deaths; possible sights for the remains if proved to be Richard’s, include Westminster Abbey and York Minster.