Shark Saves Man from Near Death After Five Weeks Adrift

Shark Saves Man from Near Death After Five Weeks Adrift (Courtesy Of Albert kok)

Shark Saves Man from Near Death

We’ve all heard stories and watched movies where sharks play the killers and humans end up as prey. Well, maybe sharks have been getting a bum rap and aren’t so bad after all.

According to the Daily Mail, Toakai Teitoi and his brother-in-law Ielu Falaile were travelling from the Kritibati capital of South Tarawa to their nearby home just two hours away.

The pair took their time with some leisurely fishing and proceeded to doze off on the way. When they woke up, they suddenly discovered they had unexpectedly been set adrift. The two men quickly ran out of fuel and were without proper directions for getting home. Fishing for food wasn’t a problem. Staying hydrated was.

Tragically, after five weeks adrift Mr. Falaile died of dehydration. The only thing Mr. Teitoi could do was pray and hope for a miracle.

‘We had plenty of food and we could catch fish, but the problem was there was nothing to drink,” said Mr Teito.

After 15 weeks adrift, a savior came to the aid of this man. He was weak and resting with his head under a cloth when scratching and a large bump shook his boat. Mr. Teitoi looked outside of the boat and saw a six-foot shark, reports the paper.

“Just as I was giving up all hope of being rescued after one boat had passed me by in the distance something very strange happened,” Mr Teitoi said.

“I was cowering from the sun under a piece of cloth I had stretched across the front of the boat when I felt a big bump, followed by some scratching.

He also saw a ship and immediately started waving frantically at the crew. Had he not started waving at the crew, they may have thought he was ok and not come to rescue him. That shark saved his life.

Mr Teitoi said: “I’m flying home. I’ll never go by boat again.”