Authorities Seeking 132 Escaped Mexican Prisoners

In a brazen daylight escape, 132 inmates of a Mexican prison escaped through a tunnel, reports ABC.

Starting in the prisons carpentry shop, the tunnel ended outside a watchtower. Taking turns, inmates slowly made their way out of the prison before cutting a hole in a security fence and disappearing in a parking lot in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

At least one hour passed before prison officials noticed the inmates had disappeared. Mexican authorities placed the prison officials in custody pending an investigation. It is possible the guards or staff assisted in the escape of these inmates. Investigators found cell phone equipment, 3 pieces of 1.2 meter long rope, and electrical wire near the escape tunnel.

Piedras Negras is a town along the border between Mexico and Texas. U.S. Border Patrol agents have joined in the hunt for escaped prisoners on U.S. soil. Authorities state that 86 of the inmates committed federal crimes.

Check out the video below to see how the men managed to escape.