Connecticut Teacher Shoots Burglar and Kills Son

A Connecticut school teacher responding as a good samaritan to a neighbor’s pleas for help that a burglar was on her property promptly grabbed his gun and went next door to investigate.

Jeffrey Giuliano discovered a figure dressed in black and brandishing a knife and when the alleged burglar approached him, the teacher fired his gun and struck the individual in the head. Upon unmasking the burglar, the teacher was horrified to discover he had struck and killed his own 15 year old son Tyler.

Police officials are continuing to investigate to determine whether Tyler Giuliano was merely involved in a prank turned tragically bad or was actually costumed to commit burglaries in the neighborhood. Jeffrey Giuliano’s school district has alerted teachers and students to what has transpired as many of them knew father and son for being close with no previous problems.

Neither police nor school officials had any further comment until all the facts of the case are known.