The Discovery Channel Crash: 727 Totaled

The Discovery Channel Crash: 727 Totaled

The Discovery Channel Performs Experiment Using a Boeing 727 and Crash Dummies

In an effort to learn how to make surviving a plane crash more probable, the Discovery Channel had a plane crash into a secluded part of the Mexican Desert. The crash involved Boeing 727, an aircraft able to seat 170 passengers.

The Discovery Channel had the events that took place on the plane recorded by using multiple cameras and crash test dummies. A security team involving the Mexican police and Military were needed to review the area for safety and to stand guard and protect the area.

This experiment involved using a real pilot to fly the plane. Once the plane was in the air, the pilot was able to evacuate the plane by parachute.

The plane was then controlled by a remote from another plane which made the Boeing 727 crash.

This international documentary will be exciting to watch if you enjoy watching crashes and things that blow-up.

Eileen O’Neill, president of Discovery and TLC Networks, said:

“This ground breaking project features an actual crash of a passenger jet and explores the big questions about how to make plane crashes more survivable. It’s the ideal premiere episode for our Curiosity series that stirs the imagination of our audience, bravely asking questions and fearlessly seeking answers. This latest production captures that audaciousness perfectly and I can’t wait to share it.

“For the first time, leading scientists and veteran crash investigators, who have been enthusiastic supporters of this project, witness a plane crash in real time and explore what happens to the airframe and cabin, as well as the effects on the human body during a catastrophe of this magnitude. We hope to provide new information about how to improve the chances of survival while providing scientific results on passenger safety and new technologies, including new ‘black box’ flight data recording systems.”