Twenty-four Hours of Pull Ups and All for Charity

David Goggins, a former Navy Seal, failed in his attempt to beat the record number of pull ups performed in a 24 hour time period, reports the Huffington Post.

The current pull up record is 4,020 in twenty-four hours. Goggins, an ultra-marathon runner, managed 2,588 pull ups before he injured his forearm in the attempt. He was 1,432 pull ups short of his goal.

“I run these races to raise money for fallen soldiers’ kids to go to college”, he explains on YouTube.

There is no word whether or not, Goggins plans to try again, certainly not until his arm heals. He wants to break the work record and has the determination to do so. In 2008, though he ended up with Pneumonia while running an ultra-marathon of 150 miles, he still completed the race.

Goggins doesn’t do stunts such as this simply to get his name in the media. His purpose for his attempts is to provide college funds for the children of fallen soldiers through the auspices of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

24 Hours Of Pull Ups: Navy Seal Fails At Record Attempt

24 Hours Of Pull Ups: Navy Seal Fails At Record Attempt