Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen Has No Place to Call Home

Despite a billionaire fortune that would allow him to purchase more than a dozen mansions in the most exciting capitals around the world, Nicolas Berggruen remains homeless.

He’s not living on the streets, however, simply choosing to make a series of hotel rooms his homebase because he has deliberately decided not to purchase either a home or a car.

Berggruen has not owned a home or a car since 2000, when he sold his two homes and his automobile and decided to live a simple nomadic life.

Berggruen says he doesn’t believe in showing off his wealth by owning fancy homes, although his money does allow him to travel by private jet and stay in only five-star hotels and resorts.

He has put all of his remaining possessions in storage and only carries a change of clothing for several days that includes jeans, shirts and a few suits, along with his iPhone.

Berggruen says he is happy to have shed the responsibility that comes with ownership, explaining that he came to his decision to be homeless when the pursuit of acquiring materials things no longer left him satisfied. He doesn’t critize the wealthy who live ostentatiously, but says the simple life suits his tastes just fine.