Nudity Ban In A San Francisco District

Nudity may soon be banned in a district of San Francisco, reports NBC News.

The Castro District is well known for the tolerance it has had in the past for nudity. These days it is reported that nudity that occurs there on a daily basis.

Scott Wiener of the Castro District has set the ordinance in motion. If the ordinance is given the support of the city then nudity will no longer be legal.

The punishment for being nude in the Castro District would be a fine which would increase with each offense committed.

Even if the ordinance is granted, public nudity would still be allowed at other places and events that occur in San Francisco such as parades, festivals and other public events.

While most people in San Francisco, myself included, have no problem with occasional public nudity, we’ve seen a shift in public attitude because of the over-the-top situation at Jane Warner Plaza and elsewhere in the Castro,” said Wiener in a statement, as quoted by the Huffington Post. “Until recently, public nudity in our city was mostly limited to various street festivals and beaches as well as the occasional naked person wandering the streets. What’s happening now is different. Jane Warner Plaza is the only usable public space in the Castro and serves as the neighborhood’s town square. Use of this small but important space as a near-daily nudist colony, while fun for the nudists, is anything but for the neighborhood as a whole.”

“This plaza and this neighborhood are for everyone, and the current situation alienates both residents and visitors,” he continued. “We are a tolerant neighborhood and city, but there are limits.”

Local residents, who like go in the buff, aren’t too happy with the proposal.

“This is, in my opinion, an attack on freedom,” George Davis, a 66-year-old Castro nudist, told the Wall Street Journal. “I meet people from all over the world,” he said, including South Korea, France and Liechtenstein.

What do you think about the proposed SF nudity ban?