Pony Is Is Like Totally Hooked on Pot Noodles Yo

Pony Is Is Like Totally Hooked on Pot Noodles Yo

Magic the Pony is Hooked on Pot Noodles

Kingsgate, Margate – twenty year old Zoe Foulis, owner of a pony by the name of Magic, reports her pet is hooked on the popular brand of instant noodles called “Pot”.

Apparently, Foulis has herself quite the pony as it enjoys a most non-traditional diet of orange juice, crisps, pears, and even a cup of tea if it strikes the muse. However, the Magic’s favorite snack is Pot noodles. Magic’s favorite flavors are “Chicken and Mushroom” but has been known to even try the hot and spicy “Ultra Bombay Bad Boy” variety.

Magic’s uniqueness extends past his diet. He has proven himself to be quite the watchdog chasing out foxes from their field and being very playful with his owner.

The diet is most unusual for a pony but this four year old pet is not your ordinary pony. He’ll try a variety of foods but has shown a distaste of tomatoes – a dislike many people share.