Inmate takes out trash and Himself

A 25-year-old by the name of Kenneth Robert Banes came up with a master plan. He decided that taking out the trash was the best way for him to escape. Weight only 132 pounds he let himself out through a hole in an adjacent fence to the Oregon prison. It has been reported that the hole was so small that 99% of the other inmates would not stand a chance in getting out through this hole.

Barnes, who was currently serving time for a probation violation, can no add Escape in the third degree charges to his record. This charge is classified as Class A misdemeanor. Two females helping Barnes have charges for aiding and abetting the suspect. While Barnes is still at large.

Oregon takes pride in holding a maximum security. The last time an inmate escape was back in 1989.

Currently interviews are being conduct with the two women that are in custody. So far it was been discovered that this plans as been in the making several weeks before it was carried out.