Philly Wedding Brawl Leaves One Man Dead

Philly Wedding Brawl Leaves One Man Dead

Philly Wedding Brawl Leads to Death and 3 Arrests

An alcohol fueled fight between 75 to 100 guests at a Philadelphia hotel had to be stopped by police Sunday.

Two separate wedding parties were involved in the punching melee which started in the bar and spread into the lobby of the Sheraton Society Hill hotel, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Three people involved in the incident have been arrested.

Tragically, 57-year-old Vincent Sannuti, an uncle of one of the brides was pronounced dead at the hospital after suffering a heart attack at the scene.

An onlooking guest at the hotel captured a video of the brawl and posted the fight on YouTube where it quickly spread.

Police representatives indicate that the fight began between members of the same wedding party but spread to the second wedding party when one of it’s members were hit, reports CTV.

The spreading altercation was caught on video by Max Schultz, a 15-year-old from Camp Hill in central Pennsylvania, who was in Philadelphia with his parents to see the historic sites and celebrate his birthday. Schultz said he was sleeping when noise from the fight awoke him and he went to check it out around 2 a.m.

“I just saw a lot of people going at it,” said Schultz, who later posted the video on YouTube.

“It was obviously pretty chaotic.”

Dozens of Police from around the city were called into stop the intense disruption, he said.
“The situation could have been much worse if (the police) hadn’t been there,” he said. “I think they did what they had to do to keep people under control.”