Cyclops Kitten Dies Shortly After Birth

Cyclops Kitten Dies Shortly After Birth

One-Eyed Bengal Tiger Video Goes Viral

YouTube has become host to many a cat video over the years. This video ranks as one of a kind.

Cleyed the Cyclops, a one-eyed bengal tiger cub, lived only a short while. The cub faced tough odds thanks to a rare condition in the mother where the uterus was twisted around three times, reports the Huffington Post.

Additionally, the kitten was born without a nose.

It was the surgical birth of bengal tiger cubs which led to a recording of the event, and with it, Cleyed. After being surgically removed from the mother, Cleyed was cleaned off by another doctor who noticed the cub was a cyclops, or having only one eye.

Cleyed passed away moments after being born. His two sisters were delivered at the same time and are reportedly doing fine.

Video footage of Cleyed’s short life has been posted to YouTube. It currently has over 48,000 views this week.