Daisy Jenkins Watches As Her Dog Is Stabbed 23 Times

Daisy Jenkins Watches As Her Dog Is Stabbed 23 Times (Courtesy Daisy Jenkins)

Animal Cruelty or Self Defense?

Daisy Jenkins, mother of three, watched as a neighbor stabbed her American Bulldog twenty three times, reports the Telegraph.

The owner of another dog Wayne Stearman, 41, stabbed the dog during a fight between it and Monty, his own dog.

The Bull dog, Tyson, had locked its jaws on the terrier, Monty. Mr. Stearman left the scene and soon came back with a pair of 10-inch kitchen knives. Unable to get the Bulldog to release Monty he began stabbing the bulldog.

One of the twenty three blows Tyson, the American Bulldog suffered was forceful enough that it actually bent one of the knifes in half.

A vet was called but could not save Tyson.

Stearman, 41, described the bulldog as a “lunatic” and claimed it had been the subject of “hundreds” of complaints.

“I’d just stepped out my house and the dog went for Monty,” he said. “It wasn’t on a lead. It locked its jaw on to Monty’s head. It was like a lion on top of a gazelle. I was screaming for help and the owner was nowhere to be seen.

“When she did finally turn up five minutes later all she did was stroke her dog. I was kicking and punching it but it wouldn’t budge so I went into the kitchen and got three knives.

“I’m not proud of what I’ve done, but what was I supposed to do? Stand there and let it kill my dog?”

Mr. Stearman was arrested, but has since been released with no charges. It is unknown whether the dog owner will be charged for the incident.