Pranksters Hijack Traffic Sign To Warn Of Zombies Ahead

Pranksters Hijack Traffic Sign To Warn Of Zombies Ahead

Drivers Beware The Zombie Invasion


Wednesday October 10th, drivers on Auburn Street in Portland, Maine, were given an extra warning during their commute. An electronic traffic message board stated “Warning zombies ahead!” The sign had been altered from a standard message warning of repaving work on a nearby street. The construction company responsible for the sign quickly changed it back.

Most commuters got a chuckle from the sign, but city officials aren’t laughing. They are looking for the hacker responsible and may charge him or her with criminal mischief or criminal invasion. These misdemeanors can carry fines of up to $1000 and jail time of up to one year.

Many of the electronic traffic signs have locks on their control boxes or passwords to prevent tampering. Despite this people have been changing the messages on these signs for many years. A previous sign warned of zombies in Austin, Texas in 2009. Other times the hackers have had the signs display hate messages or political statements.

Not the first Zombie Road Sign

Last year, Northern Kentucky got quite the shock when an electric road sign that was supposed to read, “Nightly Lane Closures, Road Work Ahead,” had been hacked and changed to say, “Nightly Lane Closures, Zombies Ahead.”

Nancy Wood, the spokeswoman for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, surely had one of her most interesting moments in her career when she had to apologize for the sign and announce that it was being hacked. She did, hopefully, also announce that there were no zombies in Kentucky, right?

Well, everyone who forgot their coffee that Thursday morning on Interstate 71/75 southbound at exit 18, sure got one jolt of a wake up call with that sign!

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