An overturned tractor trailer carrying tens of thousands of pounds of processed chicken parts was responsible for a Pennsylvania highway being closed for several hours on Wednesday.

According to Yahoo News, chicken pieces ended up strewn across U.S. Route 422 after the driver of the tractor trailer lost control of his vehicle in the early morning hours and crashed. The accident happened at a spot about half an hour’s drive north of Pittsburgh.

Traffic on the eastbound lanes of the highway were unable to pass as poultry covered every lane. Police were forced to keep the highway closed until mid-morning on Wednesday, as it took workmen several hours to shovel up the chicken remains and then rinse off the road.

Authorities have not said yet if the chicken belonged to a local company or released the name of the driver. It’s also not known whether he fell asleep at the wheel due to the early hour, or if other circumstances caused the crash.

This isn’t the first time this year a tractor trailer has overturned with poultry on board. Only three months ago, another tractor trailer overturned in North Carolina while carrying 600 live turkeys on the way to the slaughterhouse. All but 60 of the turkeys died from heat exhaustion as the day progressed, and volunteers frantically tried to get them out of the wreckage.

In that instance, the driver was charged with reckless driving.