Two brothers Wait Six Tears To Claim $5m Lottery Win

Two brothers Wait Six Tears To Claim $5m Lottery Win

New York brothers wait six years before claiming $5 million lottery prize

Andy Ashkar, 34, and his brother Nayel, 36, waited six years before they told lottery authorities in New York State that they were the holders of a $5 million lottery ticket.

They waited until just 11 days before the ticket was about to expire before claiming the prize. The reason? Andy Ashkar did not want the money to taint his new marriage or to always be wondering if his wife had married him for his money.

Ashkar bought the winning ticket in 2006 at his parents’ convenience store in Syracuse. He was already engaged to be married at the time. Once he knew he had won $5 million, however, he decided to share the winnings with his brother Nayel but only if they could both wait to claim them.

Ashkar said he also felt he needed to plan his life properly before he was catapulted into the public eye with his massive win.

His lottery winnings were finally authenticated by lottery authorities back in March, just months after Ashkar spent $290,000 on a new house. Both brothers are managers at separate auto dealerships in the New York area.