Weirdest eBay Auctions: Justin Bieber's Hair

Weirdest eBay Auctions: Justin Bieber’s Hair

Ellen auctions Bieber’s hair on eBay

Perhaps good news for fans with Bieber fever: the famously long-haired pop singer cut his hair and users can bid for his locks on eBay. His hair is currently listed with a top bid of $7,200. 61 users have bid so far and the sale ends on March 2nd.

The hair is being sold by Ellen

DeGeneres, who tweeted that she wanted some of his hair. The young pop star saw it and gave her pieces of his hair in a Plexiglas box that’s been autographed by the “Baby” singer. He said,

“That’s my hair. I’m giving pieces of it to different people…we want you to donate it to whatever charity you want to.”

Ellen then proceeded to list the hair on eBay. All proceeds will go to the Gentle Barn, an animal rescue foundation. Why did Bieber cut off his trademark hairstyle? “I just wanted to, that’s all.”

Soul for Sale on eBay

An Albuquerque woman put something for sale on eBay that many people would not consider selling.

This woman, identified as Lori N. has put her soul up for bid on eBay for the price of $2,000.

The woman, who explained her reasoning behind selling her soul, to KOB-TV, said that she decided to sell her soul after a string of bad luck.

Lori N. said that she was a passenger in car crash and was in a coma for 3 weeks and suffered many injuries, which includes a broken pelvis, hip, collarbone, and leg. So far, there are no bids.

Gloucester Woman Sells Herself On Ebay

On February 17th, the following ad was placed by Gloucester resident, Deborah Bowen on ebay:

“For sale – a willing and able permanent or temporary employee”

“Sales professional/BDM/W/house will do almost anything for work. Please read on. Could you be the right person to give me the right opportunity?”

Two years ago, the thirty-eight year old was laid-off from her sales job; which paid an annual salary of 33,000 pounds. Ms. Bowen has applied for hundreds of jobs since then; getting paid as little as 6.50 pounds per hour for temporary services. If Deborah cannot come up with her mortgage payment; her home could be repossessed in two weeks.

Ms Bowen says, she does not want to take state handouts. She just wants a job to pay her mortgage, pay bills and eat.

So far, no one has responded to her ad.

The Queen’s Underwear Have Been Auctioned Off

It is true that almost anything can be found and bought on the internet these days. This last week a pair of Queen Elizabeth’s II underwear was put on a limited ten day auction on the site ebay, by the estate of Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi.

The Baron was described as an aristocrat and traveler. The story of how he got the underwear is said to be that the Queen used a private plane in 1968 for a trip to Chile. Upon the end of the flight the pilot found the underwear and being friends with the Baron gave them to him.

The estate had sent them to an auction house, but became tired of waiting for them to authenticated and sell the garment. The bloomers were then listed on ebay. They were described as being slightly yellowed from age and previously worn. The listing also stated this was a once in a life time opportunity. The bloomer style underwear sold for £ 11, 390 or $17,880.