Donna the Deer Lady Goes Viral, Prepare For Some Lol's

Donna the Deer Lady Goes Viral, Prepare For Some Lol’s (Courtesy Exlbris)

Finally, someone has come up with a solution to all those car accidents involving deer in the road. Let’s just move the deer crossing signs from the interstates and highways into school crossing zones and residential areas.

Donna, dubbed Donna the Deer Lady, presented this idea to media outlets and radio stations in the Fargo area. She finally was able to talk to the media at Y94, a radio station, during a morning program.

Donna told the morning show staff and the station listeners that all three of her car accidents in recent years have been immediately after seeing a deer crossing sign. She was flabbergasted that deer were being encouraged to cross the interstates and highways, instead of safer areas.

Donna the Deer Lady said:

“My frustration is that Minnesota and North Dakota departments of transportation would allow these deer crossings to be in such high-traffic areas … I mean I’ve even seen them on the interstate. Why are we encouraging deer to cross the interstate? I don’t get it … They can direct their deer population anywhere they want to by moving that deer crossing sign. Why in the world would they place it on the highway or the interstate, you know? I mean, God. The deer crossing sign is there to tell deer that that’s where they need to cross.”

One host attempted to help Donna by explaining the signs were for human motorists to be aware of deer populations. Donna did not understand, helping this obtain viral status.