Melbourne Airport Car Park Invaded by Kangaroo

All sorts of visitors use the Melbourne Airport Car Park, but travellers were especially surprised to see a Kangaroo on the fifth level this past weekend.

The airport was alerted to its jumpy guest on Monday morning via Twitter, complete with a photo.

“Hey @Melair there’s a kangaroo in your carpark. I applaud your efforts to welcome international visitors!”

Somehow the wild animal had managed to make it to the fifth floor of the long-term undercover parking garage and authorities were called to initiate a rescue operation.

Luckily, the kangaroo was able to be captured by an official trained in dealing with wild animals by using a tranquilizer gun in order to sedate him and transport him to a nearby veterinarian clinic to be given a medical check up.

Although the animal was thoroughly stressed out by his experience in unfamiliar surroundings and his toenails were the worse for wear due to his hopping around the Car Park on hard concrete flooring, the kangaroo was given a clean bill of health by the veterinarian.

Airport spokeswoman Anna Gillett said the animal was in distress and appeared to be injured.

“We have no idea how he got in there, but he made his way up to the fifth level,” she said.

The vet’s office kept the wild creature overnight prior to releasing him again into the Outback.