Octomom’s New Digs

Octomom has a new pad for her fourteen kids. Nadya Suleman just moved into a 5,000 square foot house in Palmdale, California. The home has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Additionally, the home has a large loft which Octomom is using as an expansive playroom for the kids. There is even an unused room, but Nadya says she is considering making that space into a game room. All this space does not come cheap. The monthly rent is $2,150. She had to move because her previous home was foreclosed upon.

The home is sparsely furnished, but it is also very clean. Octomom says that she is not allowing crayons or markers in the house in an attempt to keep the place tidy.

According to the Post:

She stressed the fact she doesn’t allow crayons or makers inside and is also enforcing an “inordinate amount of structure,” especially to her son, Aiden, who Suleman said was responsible for writing on the walls and making holes in her previous residence, which went into foreclosure.

In April she struck a lucrative five-figure deal with production company Wicked Pictures to make an adult film

Nadya, 37, told the Daily Mail that doing an adult movie was her only option: “I had to do it. I’ll just have to explain to the kids I only did it for them, once they are old enough.

Nobody takes me seriously in job interviews because of all the negative things people say about “Octomom”, like calling me a benefits parasite.

“I can’t get a normal job.

“I haven’t done anything wrong with the film. I’m just trying to be a good mum. Now we have this lovely house.”

Octomom may not be the most welcome newcomer in her new neighborhood. About two weeks ago the home was pelted with eggs, which attracted an infestation of ants.

Nadya Suleman Shows Off Her New House

Nadya Suleman Shows Off Her New House