2,000 Sheep Led Through Streets of Madrid

2,000 Sheep Led Through Streets of Madrid (Courtesy 3268zauber)

2,000 sheep led through the streets of Madrid

The Spanish capital of Madrid was brought to a standstill over the weekend by a herd of 2,000 sheep being led through the streets as part of a demonstration involving Spain’s declining number of shepherds. The sheep were driven through the streets using an ancient law of passage that allows shepherds to pass through the Spanish capital for the payment of a small toll.

Spain’s Ministry of agriculture has been promoting the use of shepherd’s and ancient farming methods since the 1990s as more and more sheep and cattle are kept in barns to cut costs. An annual movement of sheep and cattle called transhumance allows the use of grazing grounds and routes for movement to keep the animals in cooler spots for the Summer and warmer areas for Winter.

The route passing through the center of Madrid dates back to at least the 13th century before the city became the capital of the country.