Australian Home Intruder Meets 83-year Old Black Belt Expert

The burglar who thought that robbing the home of an 83-year old elderly man and his wife in Kenmore would prove to be easy pickings was sadly mistaken.

The octogenerian Edwin Dowdy and his 76 year old wife Jetta both are martial arts experts, each with a black-belt level of experience in Aikido. Mr. Dowdy quickly grabbed a knife and confronted the burglar, warning him that he was armed. But the burglar panicked and ran directly into the exposed blade, causing a gash in his torso.

Although bleeding from his stomach wound, the burglar made a quick grab for two of Mrs. Dowdy’s purses and jumped out into the street.

He then was unsuccessful at stealing a car to make a quick get-a-way and left a trail of fresh blood for police to follow.

The burglar, who may be badly injured, is still on the loose and police officials are asking for the public’s help for further information.