Shark Falls From Sky Onto Golf Course, No Really!

Shark Falls From Sky Onto Golf Course, No Really!

Flying Sharks Hit California

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a shark? This is probably what was going through the minds of several California golfers as shark fell from the sky.

According to ECN, the shark in question is a two foot leopard shark that landed near the twelth hole of a San Juan Hills Golf Club. An official has seen something moving near the green, and went off to investigate. As he approached the animal, the last thing he was expecting was a shark!

The poor fish was bleeding from wounds that looked like they had come from a bird’s claws. That at least explained why it was on the golf course in the first place. The official then attempted to rescue the shark. He picked it up, and took it to the main office of the golf course.

Once he got to the clubhouse, the official and fellow employees grabbed a bucket and filled it with salt and water. Amazingly the shark survived. They then took it to the sea as soon as possible. They gently placed the shark in the water, but it was not moving. The official than flipped it on his stomach and the shark went off into the deep blue sea.