Pastor Hopes Resurrection Raises Concealed Dead Son’s Body

A pastor and his family concealed the death of his 11 year old son and kept the body hidden under a blanket in the hopes that the child would soon be resurrected.

Neighbors of pastor Keiti Mwangangi near the city of Kitui in Africa contacted local officials after they noticed a persistent offensive odor coming from the house.

When police investigated, they discovered that the pastor’s son, who had died some 10 days prior, was decomposing in one of the house’s two rooms and that his death had not been reported to authorities.

Pastor Mwangangi explained that he had kept the body in the house because his believed that his prayers for his son’s resurrection to health and wholeness would be answered.

“We kept praying and hoping the child will come back to life,” the father said.

The police insisted that the decomposing body be removed from the household and the father sadly helped police officials load it into a van to be taken for proper burial.

“Even now I know he will resurrect and that is what I believe,’’ said Mwangangi as police led him away.