Famous Vampire Cities that Inspire Fear, Curiosity and Romance

Famous Vampire Cities that Inspire Fear, Curiosity and Romance

The movie theater is not the only place where vampires lurk in the dark. These blood-thirsty creatures have been part of the world’s history for many centuries. Today there are some famous vampire cities that have now become top tourist destinations. It seems that the legends of Dracula and his kin are able to strike a remarkably similar chord in the minds of millions of individuals.

These are the cities where these mesmerizing creatures are said to exist. Transylvania is the place where the Count Dracula legend first came to life. However, this is not the only site where many believe you might actually cross paths with a vampire.

According to history experts there were also some terrifying vampires that roamed the ancient cities of Hattusa, Abydos, Babylon and Chichen Itza. Perhaps the descendants of these blood-thirsty creatures still lurk among some of the ruins.

Today there are cities such as Berlin, Rome, Venice and London where the vampire legends have gained new notoriety. In Australia these frighteningly seductive creatures are said to live in Brisbane. LA, Savannah and Seattle are a few of the US cities where vampires are now claimed to be living.

Do vampires exist? It is up to you to be the Final Judge. Do you dare?

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