Halloween Lobster Caught Near Boston

Halloween Lobster Caught Near Boston

Rare Halloween Colored Lobster Found Off Massachusetts

The chances of a lobster having two different colors of shell split perfectly down the middle is one in 50 million.

But that’s exactly the rare type of lobster caught by a fisherman off the coast of Massachusetts recently with a color pattern to match Halloween.

The lobster, a small female weighing no more than a pound, was taken for examination to the New England Aquarium. Aquarium officials report that the Halloween Lobster as she is now being called, has one half of her shell colored orange and the other half colored black.

Because the colors are evenly divided right down the middle of the lobster’s back, this variation is known as a split.

The fisherman who caught this Halloween rare split was fishing in Atlantic waters north of Boston Harbor. Split lobsters have only been found in lobster traps over the past decade in three other places: Nova Scotia, Maine and Rhode Island.

Not the first Odd Coloured Lobster Caught This Year

While unpacking a 20-crate shipment he found five orange lobsters.

He thought maybe it was a practical joke — that perhaps someone had placed 5 cooked lobers in the crate.

it turned out, they were a one in more than 10 million find, according to marine experts.

The chances of finding an orange lobster are in the ballpark of one in 10 million, according to Tony LaCasse, a spokesman for the New England Aquarium.

“One in 10 million? It doesn’t get much better than that,” Sarro said. “It has been unbelievable.”