Australian School Bans Hugging:

Australian School Bans Hugging:

School Says “No Hugs Here!”

Hugs are a friendly way to greet friends.

One school in Australia has determined that hugs may be too friendly and has banned them.

The Adam Roan Primary School had received many complaints about boyfriends and girlfriends being too affectionate with hugs and similar actions.

According to the Telegraph, there were also instances of students getting bruises from overly aggressive hugs.

“This behaviour was getting out of control with students hugging each other several times a day, and this was becoming disruptive to classes,” she said.

“The rule was reinforced with our Year 6 and 7 students again last week during a general talk about being role models for the younger students. In this particular incident, the students involved were hugging on school grounds just two hours after this talk and it was important to follow it through as a discipline issue.”

School officials acted to eliminate these disruptions to classes by banning hugs completely. It didn’t take long for one student to be punished for violating the rule.

Less than two hours after a general talk to students explaining the ban, 12-year-old Amber Ablett was caught hugging a friend. She was given a recess detention for breaking the new rule. The student’s mother Heidi Rome wasn’t upset by the punishment.

It was the rule itself that caused her to contact local media. She believes that students should be taught appropriate behavior, not punished for being friendly.

Mrs Rome wrote to the Bunbury Mail to express her concern.

“It’s not so much the detention – it’s the fact there is this rule and the psychological implications it could have,” she said.

“I don’t usually bring forward complaints like this and I do like the school.