German fighter quits ‘unhygienic’ Taliban

For people across Europe, the United States, and many other countries around the world, the Taliban represents a dangerous terrorist threat, which must always be taken seriously. While the terrorist group is quite dangerous, one man from Germany grew disdain for the group in a far more unusual away.

In 2009, a man from Germany moved to the Middle East after converting to Islam. The man raised over 4,000 euros through a fraudulent fund raiser and decided to join the Taliban to help fight the US and European armies.

The man told a court this week how he had a horrible time in the Pakistani borderlands and was happy to be back home – even though he now faces a prison term.

β€œIt was difficult to admit that I had made a terrible mistake,” the man identified only as Thomas U. told a Berlin court.

Once the man had spent some time with the Taliban, he quickly grew tired of the men he was working with. He was particularly disgusted with the way that they treated women and their poor personal hygiene.

The man ended up leaving the Taliban within just a couple of years, but is now in Germany facing several serious crimes and will likely spend a significant amount of time in prison.