Single Mom No Tip Post On Reddit Sparks Debate

Single Mom No Tip Post On Reddit Sparks Debate

Sorry for not tipping, I am a single mother

A receipt was uploaded to reddit, a social media website, recently displaying what has been an enraging excuse for not tipping a server.

According to the CP, the total on the receipt came out to $138.35 yet on the tip line the restaurant patron wrote “single mom, sorry”. it may have been more understandable had the service been sub par, but the single mom wrote compliments for the service at the bottom of the receipt.

Pheonixsongfawkes, a user on reddit, pointed out that the amount spent on the receipt could have gotten groceries for the single mom’s children, but instead went to a restaurant bill, “For Shame!”, he wrote.

“It doesn’t matter if she tipped or not,” Phoenix wrote. “The point of this post was that her writing ‘sorry single mom’ was unnecessary.”

“If restaurants ever did change to just minimum wage, good servers would be hard to find. Because no one would work like that and put up with that for minimum wage,” Phoenix added.

Servers at this particular restaurant get paid only $2.13 where the rest should be received from tips. Serving is hard physical and mental work and the lower wage is supposed to incite better service.

She may not have tipped, but writing that excuse was unnecessary.

Of course, the post and attached image stirred a vibrant debate among Reddit users, perhaps best summarized by user doodads.

“To anyone who just arrived and are sifting through the comments: A bunch of people who have never worked in a restaurant in the U.S. are complaining about having to tip, and then people who have worked in U.S. restaurants are [complaining] at them because they don’t understand how U.S. waiters/waitresses/servers make money.

“Then when it is explained that the servers only get paid enough of a wage to cover taxes and have to rely on tips to pay bills, everyone comments on how [unfair] of a system that is and how restaurant managers and owners must be the biggest [jerks] ever to perpetuate this kind of system,” doodads continued.

“This happens every time this sort of thing is posted on Reddit.”