Gambling Addicted Nun Steals $100k From NY Churches

Gambling Addicted Nun Steals $100k From NY Churches

Nun Steals Over $100,000 to Gamble

A nun near Buffalo, New York with a gambling addiction has been arrested after stealing over $100,000 from area churches.

According to FOX News, the nun, Sister Mary Ann Rapp, has been in treatment, but is still facing criminal charges for grand larceny for her theft of around $108,000 between approximately 2006 and 2010.

The thefts came to light in 2010 after a new priest took over two parishes and ordered an audit of parish finances. After “irregularities” were uncovered in the audit, the results were provided to local prosecutors.

According to Kevin Keenan, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, the thefts were “a significant amount of money for any parish,” but declined to offer specifics on how the thefts may have adversely impacted the operations of the particular parishes from which Rapp stole.

“These are smaller parishes in a rural part of the diocese,” Keenan said. “Regardless of the size, this would be a significant amount of money for any parish.”

Rapp reported successfully completed in-patient treatment for her addiction and has been in recovery for over nine months. It is believed that Rapp used the money at area casinos.