Newborn left in controversial Belgian 'babybox' Kirk

Newborn left in controversial Belgian ‘babybox’ (Photo Courtesy Kirk)

Controversial Belgian “Babybox” Receives Another Infant

A Babybox system put into place in Belgium in 2000 has been a source of controversy ever since.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the device in Antwerp is similar to a safety deposit box and enables parents or new mothers who for whatever reason do not want or cannot keep their newborns to place them into the Babybox anonymously so that they can be taken care of and adopted by other individuals better suited and more interested in the task of raising them.

A charitable organization known as Mothers for Mothers are the sponsors of this Babybox system to avoid having newborns thrown into the garbage or harmed by mothers who do not want them.

The latest newborn left in the Babybox incubator, which sends a signal to the staff inside that an infant has been left for their attention, was a baby boy.

He is the fourth infant to be left in the system since it was introduced in Antwerp.

“Even if only one child is saved that way it will be worth it,” said Tatiana Sobolevskya, deputy chief of the maternity department of Kirishi’s hospital, where the baby box is located.