World's Biggest Liar Competition Held in Northwest England

World’s Biggest Liar Competition Held in Northwest England

2012 World’s Biggest Liar Competition Held in Northwest England

In the small town of Santon Bridge, located in Northwest England, contestants made their way through the hamlet of Lake District to Bridge Inn – the site of the 2012 World’s Biggest Liar competition.

For those wondering why a competition of any global nature would be help in such a remote place, it’s because the town is the home of the 19th Century Bridge Inn landlord, Will Ritson, who was renowned for telling tall tales.

Against that backdrop, it’s only fair that those wanting to secure the title for telling tall tales do so where the maestro of fibs regaled audiences.

Contestants each had five minutes to convince judges their lie is the best.

It should be noted that in an effort to level the playing field, attorneys and politicians are banned from competition due to the unfair advantage they have in lying. No winner has been announced yet.

The World’s Biggest Liar vent is sponsored by local brewer Jennings, which has produced a World’s Biggest Liar ale to mark the event.

The company discribes their ale as:

Sheds made out of turnips – Nonsense! A dark golden brown coloured bitter with a chocolate toffee and roasted malt aroma. A biscuity flavour with a dry hop finish – A fantastic beer – and that’s no lie…