Chris Christie And Twinkies Bankruptsy: Gov Has No Comment Larry D. Moore

Twinkies May Survive Despite Parent Company Money Woes (photo Larry D. Moore)

Twinkies May Re-emerge After Hostess Bankruptcy

Things have been looking bleak for any fan of Twinkies, the addictive cream-filled cupcakes which stopped production thanks to the bankruptcy of parent company Hostess.

Hostess is asking that their bakery business be dissolved in order to be able to pay all of their debts, but now the good news comes that at least two suitors are interested in buying the production facilities so that Twinkies and other well-known brands such as Ding-Dongs and Ho-Hos can survive.

Analysts say that Hostess, while in deep financial trouble, were able to do a very good job of creating a brand of bakery items that inspire feelings of goodwill and nostalgia, according to a report from the AP.

There are rumors that two companies, Flower Foods Inc. and Metropoulis & Co., are willing to become new investors to allow Twinkies production to flourish again. At the moment, more than 18,500 employees have lost their jobs at 33 Hostess factories.