Research results released on November 19 suggest that the midlife crisis is not just a human experience. Apes also seem to see a drop in emotional well-being during their middle age years.

As reported by USA Today, Human emotional health follows a U-shape pattern throughout life, with the lowest point occuring in the late 40s. University of Warwick professor Andrew Oswald and Edinburgh University psychologist Alex Weiss discovered that orangutans and chimpanzees see a dip in their well-being at an age that corresponds with the midlife crisis in humans.

Oswald noted the findings were interesting because apes do not have the trappings of modern life that have been linked to discontent in human beings, which would suggest that the emotional dropoff is biologically wired in both species.

Skeptics, most notably primatologist Frans de Waal, found fault with the research, stating that humans should not be judging how happy apes are as this introduces “human bias.”