Namibia Animal's Terrorize Village: Reports

Namibia Animal’s Terrorize Village: Reports

Black Magic Involved in Animal Terrorist?


A small Namibian village claims they are being terrorized by the monster that has the body of a pig and the head of a dog. They state the animal has been killing their livestock as well as intimidating villagers. However, there is no photographic or film evidence of the creature.

This town is one that revels in old world beliefs and superstitions. Some villagers claim a gray-haired man, who lives in the village, is actually a warlock, and using black magic to control the monster. Black magic is a type of magic use for evil or selfish purposes.

Additionally, they claim that when the creature enters the village, all of their dogs go on barking sprees. When the creature leaves, their dogs become quiet. Villagers have also been traveling in groups, as opposed to individually, in order to maintain their safety.

There has been no speculation that it could be a government experiment gone wrong, or a possible hybrid birth. It is certainly strange indeed.