Butterball Turkey Hotline Staffed By Food Experts For All Your Turkey Questions

Butterball Turkey Hotline Staffed By Food Experts For All Your Turkey Questions

Today is Thanksgiving, one of the most popular holidays for preparing large family meals. Turkey is the most commonly served main course of Thanksgiving feasts, and the Butterball company recognizes that as a typically seasonal food item, many consumers may have questions about how to properly prepare their bird for safe consumption.

ABC reports the Talk-Line started in 1981, is now staffed by 57 food expersts. During it’s first year, 11,000 people called in during November and December, the two months when the help line is in operation. Last year, there were 12,000 calls on Thanksgiving Day alone and thousands more questions online and through social media.

The Butterball consumer telephone hot-line number is 800-288-8372.

The Butterball website is loaded with valuable answers to questions about Turkey Day food safety, including videos and written instructions on how to properly prepare and cook the turkey. For those who prefer interaction, the Butterball telephone hot-line is available to help.

There do appear to be conflicting reports about what time the hot-line is open and available each day. The times appear to range from as early 8am – 10am CST with listings reporting that the hot-line closes at 7pm-8pm CST.

The hot-line is available Monday through Friday.

Turkey Talk-Line Info

Phone Number: 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372). The Butterball®Turkey Talk-Line is open annually in November and December.

Open to residents of the United States and Canada. Bilingual assistance is available (English and Spanish).

Over the years, the Butterball® Turkey Talk-Line experts have solved some puzzling turkey situations, like which pan to use, what to do when the turkey is on fire, and when to start roasting the turkey so it’s ready by halftime. Read the answers to their most frequently asked questions.

Turkey Talk-Line Facts

  • When the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line opened twenty-nine years ago, six home economists responded to 11,000 phone calls in the first year alone.
  • These days, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line employs more than 50 professionally trained, college-educated home economists and nutritionists, who respond to more than 100,000 questions each November and December. They’ve answered calls regarding how to cook for a whole firehouse, how to impress the in-laws, and how to serve international students their first American Thanksgiving dinner.