Doctor offers Botox for perfect poker face

Doctor offers Botox for perfect poker face

Doctor Creaets The Perfect Pokerface

A New York doctor is betting that professional poker players will be the next big market for cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Jack Berdy, a doctor of aesthetic medicine, has developed a program that he calls “Pokertox.” It is a series of Botox injections that will give a card player the perfect pokerface, reports the Huffington Post.

The theory behind this procedure is that many poker players give away the strength of their hand by facial tics, or “tells.” With strategically placed Botox injections players can avoid giving anything away.

While no professional poker players have undergone the procedure, Dr. Berdy sees a lot of potential business from the gambling set. Since the benefits of the procedure lasts only a few months he expects a stream of repeat customers once players sign up.

Pokertox is not without its detractors. Many critics say that Dr. Berdy is just repackaging basic services under a new name. Berdy, an avid gambler, is betting that he will come out on top.