Police Mistake Rotting Bait Box in Fisherman's Car For Corpse, Man Wants Police To Pay

Police Mistake Rotting Bait Box in Fisherman’s Car For Corpse, Man Wants Police To Pay

Police Fail Smell Test as they Mistake Bait Box for Human Corpse

North Walsham, Norfolk – local police broke into the Chrysler Neon belonging to George Wallis after a concerned passer-by was alarmed by the swarm of flies coming from the car.

The Daily Mail reports, the “blue bottle” flies that were swarming the vehicle are known to consume dead bodies. That prompted the citizen to phone in a call to the local police who too were concerned over the quantity of flies.

The police dashed the window of the car and discovered the source of the flies to be a fish and tackle box containing some rotting bait – a wonderful breeding ground for maggots. However, there was no corpse.

The constables attempted to reach Mr. Wallis by phone but being unable to reach him decided to have the car towed.

In their view, the vehicle, which had a flat tire, had been abandoned. Now, Mr. Wallis says he’s unable to pay the tow & daily storage charge and will instead have to have the vehicle scrapped.

The cost of scrapping is 75 bobs compared to a 150 bob tow charge and twenty quid per day for storage. Despite the confusion, the constabulary stands by their officers’ actions.

Wallis says police should foot the bill.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “The police made my vehicle insecure by breaking into it, they should pay not me.

“I can’t afford to get it back, but I need a vehicle.”

A spokesman for Norfolk Constabulary said that the car had a flat tyre and appeared to to be abandoned.

He added: “The officer had genuine concerns about what could have been in the vehicle.
‘If the owner feels they shouldn’t pay, they can write to legal services at force headquarters.”

At this point, they suggest Mr. Wallis write the legal department for a waiver from the charges.