British thief shouts out vegetable names before robbing his victims

Most people know nowadays that thieves and pickpockets often create a diversion before they attempt to rob someone.

What they may not expect is a thief who jumps up and down in supermarkets shouting out the names of vegetables — ‘carrots’, ‘broccoli’, ‘turnips’ — before he moves closer to his target and steals from them, reports Digital Spy.

The thief, who was recently seen operating in a supermarket in Surrey, England, is described as being blond, white and chunky and probably in his late 30s or early 40s. Anyone who sees someone screaming vegetable names in a supermarket, unless it is obviously the greengrocer promoting a produce sale, is asked to contact Surrey police.

Speaking to The Mirror, 59-year-old Hilary Brown recounted the experience of her dad and stepmother at the hands of the thief in Dorking, Surrey.

She said: “He distracted my father by shouting out all these vegetable names.

“My father thought, ‘you’re a bit strange’, but thought nothing of it and carried on shopping.”

The crook currently seems to be targeting elderly people, who are often easier to confuse than younger people.

A 90-year-old man and his similarly elderly wife were robbed by the thief last week. He made off with a few hundred pounds in a wallet and a purse, as well as several credit cards.

Police say he has struck at least half a dozen times over the last few weeks in the Dorking, Surrey area. Every time he manages to grab cash, credit cards, wallets and purses. Before the victim’s even know what is going on, the thief has already left the store and all they are left with is the vegetable names ringing in their ears.