Screwdriver, Impales Face: Six-Year-Old Lucy To Be Alive

Screwdriver, Impales Face: Six-Year-Old Lucy To Be Alive

4-Year Old Girl Survives Screwdriver Impaled in Face

A 4-year-old Chinese girl running with a screwdriver survived a fall that caused the implement to become impaled in her face.

According to the Mirror, Jiala Gang became fascinated with the tool while visiting her grandmother and began playing with it as though it were a toy. While running from room to room holding the screwdriver with the sharp end pointed up toward her face, she tumbled and the screwdriver became impaled in her face.

It entered her nose and came out near her left eye socket, but miraculously missed entering her brain which could have proved fatal. Although she was initially examined by doctors at a local hospital to see how the implement could be removed, Gang had to sent to two other hospital locations prior to finding experienced staff and equipment to safely extricate the deadly object from her face.

Surgeons at Xijing Hospital more than 100 miles away from her home agreed to perform the intricate surgery necessary after reviewing X-rays and CAT scans taken of the child’s face and head.

A source told the Daily Mail: “It really was touch and go for a while. There was a genuine concern that it would be impossible to remove it safely.
‘The first two hospitals that she went to had no idea what to do. They had never seen anything like it before.”

Although the screwdriver was located a very uncomfortable 2mm away from her brain, surgeons were successful at removing it from her face without further damage and Gang is recuperating in the hospital from the whole ordeal.

The The First Time This Has Happened

In 2007, a two year-old Minnesota girl will have quite a tale to tell when she gets older.

A screwdriver went straight into her head and the only damage it left behind is a bruise.

Teagon Gislason was playing with some kids at her Cannon Falls church last week when she found a screwdriver. She started running with it and then fell.

The screwdriver entered her head just above the left eye.

Teagon’s parents rushed her to St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester where doctors removed the screwdriver without having to perform surgery.

And just last year a six-year old boy from a remote village in India survived having a screwdriver pierce his skull.

Despite the screwdriver piercing through the skull right up to the optic nerve at the back of the eye, Praful was out of danger on Sunday evening. His mother Nattho smiled as she watched her son sleep peacefully in hospital.

“We did not even dare touch the wound or the screwdriver, and carried the child to a doctor in Katol. He told us to take him to Nagpur, where there were better amenities and more qualified doctors to help us,” said the mother.