Man cheats death after speeding train hits his head at 70mphMan cheats death after speeding train hits his head at 70mph Photo: Red Williams/Archant

British Man Survives Being hit on Head by Speeding Train

After picking his two sons up from school in Chadwell Heath, Essex, U.K. Stephen Wright began to feel sick as they waited for a train to nearby Stratford.

The feeling of nausea overtook Wright as they waited for their train on the platform at Goodmayes Station; bending over to be sick Wright was struck on the head by a commuter train passing through the station at around 70 mph, reports the Telegraph.

“The next thing I knew I felt the biggest bang in my head and I screamed out and grabbed my head,” he recalled with horror.

“I thought I could fall down.

“My son was so scared and I had to be strong.”

Although dazed and bleeding from the head Wright and his children managed to board their train to Stratford as the alarm was raised about the accident by British railway workers. Wright enjoyed a meal with the girlfriend as police and railway officials searched in vain for the body they believed should be on the tracks following the collision.

The father of two made his way to Goodmayes Hospital the following morning and was given the all clear aside from swelling and whiplash; a police officer fainally tracked down Wright and explained how lucky he was to be alive.

“A policeman told me, ‘we were searching for you on the tracks last night”.

“That’s when it came to me more and started to sink in,” he said.

According to the Telegraph, it was not the first time Mr Wright had cheated death.

At the age of 15 months he fell five storeys from of a tower block in Hackney, east London, and survived with hardly a scratch.

“Nobody could believe how I’d got out of my cot but I did,” he added. “I fell on the hard concrete. I should have been dead.”

Maybe he should start playing the lottery more often.