Smallest Egg In The World Found at B&B

Smallest Egg In The World Found at B&B (Photo credit: The Nation)

World’s Smallest Egg Discovered at Bed & Breakfast

The owner of a Bed and Breakfast establishment in Northumberland, Great Britain, made a surprising discovery in his hen house this week. What is possibly the world’s smallest hen egg was laid by one of the chickens at Paul Rae’s farm and measures smaller than a 20p piece.

According to reports, Rae and his wife Margaret, who operate the Walwick Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast, don’t know exactly which of their chickens, whom they affectionately call “Margaret’s Girls” delivered the very tiny egg.

Rae has submitted proof of his findings to the Guinness Book of World Records, hoping that it will be determined officially that its miniscule size renders it the smallest hen egg ever found anywhere in the world.

Last year, Rae had submitted what he thought may have been the largest hen egg to officials at Guinness but that egg was not determined to have been the largest sized egg ever discovered.

“It is very rare,” Mr Rae added.

“They have been laying normal eggs and then all of a sudden this tiny one came out.

“I have no idea about the reason.
“It is a perfect egg with a lovely strong shell.

‘I don’t carry it in my pocket now, it’s wrapped in cotton wool at the minute.’

“We were in with a chance for having the largest egg for the record books last year and now it’s at the complete other end of the spectrum.’

Earlier this year, Harry Evans found an egg he claimed was barely bigger than a 5p piece at his farm near Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Mr Evans, 58, Told The Daily Mail: ‘Each morning I go out to the hen shed to pick up any eggs they’ve laid. Big Bird was in the nest box where she always goes, she jumped out and there it was.

“I could see it was an egg, but because it was so small at first I thought perhaps a wild bird had come in and laid it and Big Bird had just been sitting on it. But wild bird eggs aren’t usually that light brown colour, and it’s smaller even than a blackbird’s egg.

“I brought it into the house and showed my wife. For a few hours we were both amazed. Then I thought, what can I do with that? I looked on the internet but couldn’t see any as small as it.

“I was curious so I contacted the Guinness Book of Records, but they said they don’t keep any records for chicken eggs. So I’ve registered for a new world record with them and am waiting for it to be verified.”