Magician set on fire in the Dominican Republic

Magician set on fire in the Dominican Republic

Video footage has emerged of a magician who suffered severe injuries after a TV host set his head on fire in what is believed to be a voodoo blessing.

Magician and Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic co-host Wayne Houchin was appearing on a television show in the Dominican Republic when the TV host reportedly poured a flammable liquid over his head.

A video of the incident shows the host of the show touching Houchin’s head, which bursts into flame.

Houchin rubbed his head, protecting his face, and then fell to the ground a few feet away. People on the set of the television show can be seen gathering around to help.

Via Twitter, Houchin accused the TV host of a “criminal attack”, saying he had never been briefed the stunt would occur.

Reports have surfaced that the host used a cologne called Aqua De Florida to ignite the fire, a flammable liquid that is also used by witch doctors as a cleansing spray.

Officials with Curiosidades, the producers of Approach the Stars, issued a statement which said that Barazarte offered to give Houchin and others “a blessing” and drink of “Water of Florida.”

The statement said the incident was “undoubtedly a CRIMINAL ATTACK”.

It has also been reported that the incident could have been played out as either a blessing or an exorcism.

Despite the best efforts of his crew, Mr Houchin suffered severe burns to his head, face and neck.

He is currently recovering with plenty of optimism.

“The doctors are cautiously optimistic that I will fully recover with no scars.”

Local magicians David Copperfield and Lance Burton have taken to Twitter to wish Houchin well. magic producer Jonathan Bayme, who has worked with Houchin in the past, had this to say:

“Wayne is a hugely respected creator and performer of magic, and an inspiration to thousands of young magicians around the world. The incident this week was shocking, and the magic community was quick to respond with widespread support for Wayne. Magicians around the world were outraged by what occurred and are still in disbelief that something like this could happen.”