Robbing robin ruffles Inverness supermarket’s feathers

Robbing robin ruffles Inverness supermarket’s feathers (photo courtesy The Scottsman)

Tesco Stores Being Ruffled by Robbing Robins

The venerable grocer, Tesco, third largest grocery chain in the world after Wal-Mart and Carrefour, is having two stores in Inshes and Inverness bullied by a robin and a pigeon.

You would think that a pair of small birds, especially the robin, would be easy to shew away with a broom, but that’s not the case.

According to The Scottsman, the birds have decided to camp out in the stores during the day to take advantage of scraps that customers leave behind as they eat in the cafe.

It’s obvious that these winged loiterers are looking for the easy food but they have become an annoyance as they get increasing more brazen by circling the checkout isles and encroaching into the cafe. One store concedes that it took to early closing at 11PM in an attempt to clear out the birds from the store.

It doesn’t appear to have worked as the birds merely case whichever store they believe will provide them food.

According to the paper, Inverness has a history of troublesome birds. Last year, staff at the Tesco Extra store at the Eastfield retail park were startled to find a robin living in the cafe. Despite some hygiene concerns, it proved such a hit with customers that it was allowed to stay for over two weeks.