Edinburgh Giant Pandas Mark Year Anniversary

There was plenty of commotion when two Giant Pandas nicknamed Sunshine and Sweetie arrived from China at Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo last year.

The two pandas, whose official names are Tian Tian and Yang Guang, are the first pandas to make their residence in Great Britain since 1995. Now there is even more reason to celebrate as the pair marked their first anniversary together this week.

Officials at the Zoo and many of its visitors who have become fans of the furry pair, are disappointed, however, that after 12 months of togetherness, one of the Pandas is not already knitting baby booties. There is no sign that the pair have gotten together to create a third Giant Panda.

But the Zoo has been extremely happy at the increased volume of visitors that the creatures have caused, boosting annual attendance at the Edinburgh Zoo by almost 300,000 people, including celebrities and royalty.