Santa Mail Among Bizare Business Ideas That Made Millions

A man with time on his hands in Alaska who became the first individual to advertise that he would send a child an official personalized letter from Santa Claus during the holidays became a quick millionaire.

After advertising that he would send any child a letter from Santa Claus, almost 300,000 customers decided it was worth plunking down $10 each to have their child receive an official looking missive from the “North Pole.”

Although it may not be as easy today to make a million dollars as a Santa Claus letter writer, it is still a lucrative business for many individuals as a work from home venture.

Some Santa Claus letter writers begin advertising as early as summer to get ready for the holiday season crush. A computer, artfully decorated letter paper and envelopes, pen and ink to create a Santa signature and Christmas stamps are all that is needed to get started.

Business Winners has listed some of the more bizzare ideas that have earned big bucks.

The inventor of goggles for dogs has been able to launch a worldwide business for dog lovers to add flair to their pet’s appearance. Apparently, there are many people who groom their pets to “represent” for them and doggles fill that void.

The company has now expanded into a product line of similar niche items for pets including t-shirts and caps.

Another strange idea came from a happily married attorney: – a website for married people looking to engage in adultery or those single people wanting to engage in adultery with a married person. The website currently has over three million subscribers. The owner doesn’t feel he’s crossing any moral lines. He rationalizes that people will be doing this anyway so why not offer a forum for it and cash in at the same time.