Diners called “Fat Girls” on Check

Three women, Christine Duran, Christina Huerta and Isabel Robles, went out to get something to eat.

The women were enjoying their time out together at the Cameo Club in Stockton, California; however when the check came at the end of the meal their enjoyable time turned into outrage. It seems when they were given the check the term “Fat Girls” was entered in under the section that asks for guest information.

It appears that the waiter entered this information and admitted to this when questioned by the manager.

“I got the bill, and I was like, why does the receipt say, ‘fat girls?'” Duran told News 10. At first, her friends didn’t even believe her. “[Huerta] was like, ‘You’re lying,’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m serious. Look at it.’ She was like, ‘fat girls?'”

The women are deeply disturbed by the events that took place and spoke to News 10 regarding the incident. They inist it is “no laughing matter”.

When questioned by News 10, the manager stated ‘I was really appalled, obviously, at the behavior” and assures it will never happen again.

The restaurant manager went over to explain the “fat girls” check, but he “had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but trying not to laugh,” Duran told ABC News. The women were offered a 25% discount on their bill and found that equally offensive, then they were offered a 50% discount.

On Saturday, Chilly D’s posted an apology on its Facebook page over the insulting bill.

[…] I completely understand why they were hurt by what was written on their receipt and that type of treatment isn’t tolerated. Also there will be no tolerance in the future, guaranteed. Everyone is welcome in our establishment, my family built this business so that the community of Stockton would have a safe and fun place to hang out and come together. My hope is to heal our newly tarnished reputation so that everyone feels safe and welcome again. And if these ladies would like to meet with my family and I, so that we can personally apologize, we would really like to do that, because we do not want anyone to have an experience like this.

This is the “fat girls” receipt received by three diners at Chilly D’s, courtesy of News 10. Story continues below.

Diners Called 'Fat Girls' On Check: Offered 50 Percent Discount On Bill

Diners Called ‘Fat Girls’ On Check: Offered 50 Percent Discount On Bill