Mom breastfeeds wrong baby after strange mix-up

Mom breastfeeds wrong baby after strange mix-up

Misplaced Baby Leads to Breastfeeding Confusion

A mix-up at a hospital in Minneapolis led to some confusion this week, when the wrong mum was found breastfeeding a baby that wasn’t hers. This event unfolded because of the hospital’s staff placing the woman’s baby in the wrong bassinette and placing another woman’s baby where she was expecting her own to be.

Upon discovering that her baby was being breastfed by another mother, confusion was evident in the hospital, reports Yahoo News.

Doctors had to search for the missing child, which is what the wrong breastfeeding mother panicked for most.

As for the rightful mother to the child that hers was replaced with, she was shaken up and in tears, reportedly upset most on her way home since the homecoming hadn’t gone over as smoothly as she had hoped.

The newborn’s mother, Tammy Van ****, told ABC she could not stop crying on the way home from the hospital after she found out her baby had been breastfed by another woman.

Doctors eventually located the missing child and reportedly sent a letter to Miss Van ****, apologizing for the confusion and offering to pay for the child’s tests.

It’s not uncommon for doctor’s to test newborn’s for HIV if there was a possibility of exposure. It’s for this reason that women who give birth and have HIV don’t breastfeed their children, as this could potentially transfer to an infant.

The hospital offered Van **** their sincerest apologies for the confusion, and said it would pay for the baby’s tests.