Boy, 7, killed at gun store In Pittsburgh: investigation Ongoing

Boy, 7, killed at gun store In Pittsburgh: investigation Ongoing

7 Year Old Killed In Gun Store Parking Lot

A 7 year old boy in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania was shot in the chest and killed in an unfortunate accident. This event took place on December 8 in the parking lot of a gun store. The boy’s father went into the store to sell a .9mm handgun. Reportedly, when he returned to the car with his son fastened into his car seat, the gun accidentally went off and killed the 7 year old.

More details have to be uncovered concerning this story. Everyone is aware that guns do not fire randomly, reports Examiner.

The Mercer County Police station is now investigating this case.

A CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh reports:

“The boy was shot in the upper right chest while in a booster seat in a pickup truck parked at the shop … The boy’s father said he went inside the shop to sell a .9 mm hand gun and while he was backing out of his parking space, the gun went off.”

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that the boy was shot when his father’s handgun went off as the man got into the truck while holding the gun.

Police say 44-year-old Joseph V. Loughrey told them he had emptied the magazine but didn’t realize a bullet was still in the chamber. Seven-year-old Craig Allen Loughrey was shot in the chest and died at the scene.

Nicole Howard witnessed the aftermath of shooting, and explains that the fatal incident was audible from her family’s adjacent business, Howard & Son Meatpacking. Howard recalls:

“There are lots and lot of flashing lights and lots of crime tape. There was a single shot, and then the police came.”

Currently the case is being referred to as an unfortunate accident. Maybe once the investigation is complete this matter can be cleared up all details will be known. Unfortunately, once investigation is complete, the parents of the boy still have to deal with the loss of their child.