Fox Anchor Caught Dancing:  Tia Ewing Busts A Move To Beyonce

Fox Anchor Caught Dancing: Tia Ewing Busts A Move To Beyonce

Tia Ewing shows off Ring while Dancing

Tia Ewing the anchor for Fox 40’s was caught dancing with her tablet computer to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce during a commercial break, reports the Huffington Post.

She was showing off her ring when she was caught on camera at a little after four in the morning. Ewing was unaware that she had been filmed until the video was replayed by coworkers later in the same broadcast.

Ewing was not ashamed of her dance moves; she had learned all the moves from the video. Ewing was bashful saying that she hoped the video did not go viral. The video was eventually put on Youtube and Tia Ewing used twitter to admit that she was in fact caught dancing on tape. The rest of the crew surprised at the amount of energy she managed to find at the early hour. Ewing said that she has to have fun where she can find it.

“I gotta get it where I can get it,” Ewing explained to her co-workers on-air in a later segment. “I just didn’t know the camera was rolling.”

“That’s really who I am,” she added, when her coworkers replayed the clip. “I’m crazy.”

According to MediaITE, Ewing posted the video on Twitter over the weekend, writing, “They caught me, BUSTED! Let’s hope this doesn’t go viral.”

Check out the video of the fox news anchor dancing below.